Conductor Trimmer: Timberland

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The Conductor Trimmer is specially designed to remove the aluminum strands from ACSR conductors without damage to the steel core when preparing conductors for compression jointing. Comprising a cutter assembly with replaceable cutting wheel, a bushing holder and bushing for gripping the conductor, the cutter assembly rotates on the bushing which also prevents the cutting wheel from reaching the steel strands.  Bushings for most standard sizes of ACSR conductors are available as indicated on the chart. Bushings for other conductors can be supplied on request


Conductor Trimmer Guide


Cat No. Conductor Size Code Name Description
E5904 70 mm2 Horse 12/2.79 Alum., 7/2.79 Steel
E5927 100mm2

100 mm2



6/4.72 Alum., 7/1.57 Steel

7/4.39 Alum., 7/1.93 Steel

E5914 150 mm2 Wolf 30/2.59 Alum., 7/2.59 Steel
E5915 175 mm2 Lynx 30/2.79 Alum., 7/2.79 Steel
E5923 400 mm2 Zebra 54/3.18 Alum., 7/3.18 Steel



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