Cable Joints, Elastimold (T&B)

Separable Elbow Connectors

Available in 200 Amp load break, 200 Amp deadbreak, and 600 Amp
deadbreak styles. Rated for padmount, subsurface, vault, indoor,
outdoor and other applications, units feature interchangeable interfaces
which can be easily engaged or separated to provide a convenient method
to connect or disconnect cable and equipment in a distribution system.

Cable Joints

Available in permanently crimped or bolted (separable)
connector styles. Permanently crimped units are rated the same as the
cable they are connecting and are available for all applications including
direct buried.

Cable Terminations

Available in single-piece or modular designs.
Rated for indoor, outdoor or padmount applications, units allow connection
and transition from shielded underground cables to bare overhead
conductors and live-front equipment.

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For 5kV-35kV Distribution System
Load break & Deadbreak separable connectors 
Cable joints 
Cable terminators


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