S&C Electric Company’s LineRupter: The first motorized switch installation for MERALCO

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Communications Electrical Equipment & Supply Co. Inc. (CELEASCO), together with S&C Electric Company participated in the installation of the first motorized switch for Manila Electric Company) MERALCO – the S&C Line-Rupter™ Switch 115kV.

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In photo: The CELEASCO, S&C, and MERALCO team at the LineRupter installation

Each pole-unit of a Line-Rupter Switch includes a brain which provides built-in positive sequence control . . . and a fully enclosed stored-energy source dedicated solely to the operation of the interrupting unit, which is in the circuit at all times.

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In photo: Linemen preparing for the installation of LineRupter

The Line-Rupter Switch includes a manual operating mechanism with a geared operating handle. Alternately, for remote supervisory control, power operation can be provided by an S&C Switch Operator—Type LS-2. With the LS-2 operator, technical engineers from MERALCO can easily control the Line-Rupter remotely from Amadeo, Cavite to their main office in Ortigas. This remote operation can save time for MERALCO instead of having linemen go from their office to the site. A manual switching process can actually take them almost an hour. But with the Line-Rupter, this will be done as fast as 2 minutes because they can do it remotely.

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In photo: The installation of LineRupter Switch and Switch Operator – Type LS-2

During the installation, the team from CELEASCO and S&C gave all-out support to MERALCO on the installation along Governor’s Drive in Amadeo, Cavite. It was a rainy and sunny 2-day installation that took the team over 24 hours to finish.

The Governor’s Drive along Amadeo, Cavite is surrounded by big factories that need electricity 24/7 because electricity is vital in their operation. Even a 1-minute electricity interruption causes them a huge amount of money.

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In photo: LineRupter in action

CELEASCO continues to partner with our principals and clients to continue to provide innovative electrical equipment.



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