Line-Rupter™ Switches

For outdoor transmission, 115 kV through 230 kV

Line-Rupter Switches are capable of closing, conducting, and interrupting load currents and parallel or loop currents up to 2000 amperes, as well as line- and cable-charging current

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The S&C Line-Rupter Switch is a group-operated switch that uses three independent sealed-for-life interrupters with integral disconnects. It is exceptionally suited for unique mounting applications, including transmission line tower mounting, existing substation structure mounting, and inverted mounting.

Each pole-unit of a Line-Rupter Switch includes a brain which provides built-in positive sequence control . . . and a fully enclosed stored-energy source dedicated solely to the operation of the interrupting unit which is in the circuit at all times. Close-and-trip mechanisms are fully enclosed and protected, too.

Line-Rupter Switches are available in three-pole vertical-break style and are intended for upright or vertical mounting on a structure, or upright mounting on S&C Mounting Pedestals, or pedestals furnished by the user. Line-Rupter Switches include a manual operating mechanism with geared operating handle. Alternately, for remote supervisory control, power operation can be provided with an S&C Switch Operator – Type LS-2.

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