Trans-Rupter II® Transformer Protector: S&C

The low-cost solution for sophisticated transformer protection.

Designed exclusively for primary-side application on distribution substation transformers, where operation is infrequent and continuous-current requirements are modest.

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Trans-Rupter II Transformer Protector

Electric utilities face ever-increasing demands to reduce costs and improve reliability. Until now, these goals were mutually exclusive when it came to transformer protection. You could either select a higher-cost transformer switch with advanced protection capabilities, such as a circuit-switcher or circuit breaker, or you could choose a lower-cost device with limited protection capabilities, such as power fuses or a high-speed ground switch. But now there’s a device that meets both goals. S&C’s Trans-Rupter II Transformer Protector is designed exclusively for primary-side protection applications on distribution substation transformers. It gives you all the features you need for reliable transformer protection, and it eliminates those you don’t. With its simple installation procedure and no periodic maintenance needs, the Trans-Rupter II Transformer Protector not only ensures low installed cost, but low operating costs as well.


Construction Features

  • Three-phase tripping by electrically linked pole-units. Trans-Rupter II provides simultaneity of less than 1/4 cycle. There’s no mechanical linkage to adjust or maintain.
  • Resettable pole-units. Unlike power fuses, Trans-Rupter II simply needs to be manually closed and charged after an operation.
  • Hermetically sealed pole units. SF6-gas-filled pole units are filled to full pressure at the factory, then permanently sealed. Field filling is never needed.
  • Single-gap SF6 puffer-type interrupters provide a 3-cycle interrupting time and maintain dielectric ratings when open.
  • Shatterproof composite-polymer silicone insulation. Stands up to the most severe environment. Unique skirt arrangement on 115-kV and 138-kV pole-units provides enhanced dielectric performance.
  • Maintenance-free operating mechanism. Each Trans-Rupter II pole-unit includes its own operating mechanism, sealed in SF6for excellent protection from the environment.


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