Mark VI Circuit-Switcher: S&C

For outdoor transmission, 69 kV through 138 kV

Mark VI Circuit-Switchers with pre-insertion inductors are the most reliable way to switch and protect substation capacitor banks.

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The Mark VI Circuit-Switcher offers the latest in interrupter technology. It features a 31.5-kA fault-interrupting rating and 3-cycle interrupting time with simultaneity of less than ¼ cycle. No shunt-trip device is needed. The Mark VI Circuit Switcher is significantly lighter than the Mark V Circuit Switcher, is easier to install, and has reduced maintenance requirements.


The Mark VI Circuit Switcher uses the same rugged integral disconnect as the Mark V, making it perfect for use with pre-insertion inductors.


Mark VI Circuit-Switcher Features

  • Higher-than-ever 31.5-kA fault-interrupting rating and 3-cycle interrupting time.
  • Three-phase tripping by electrically linked interrupters — provides tripping simultaneity of less than ¼ cycle.
  • Hermetically sealed interrupters — eliminates the hassle of field-filling with SF6 gas. Interrupters provide full dielectric ratings when open.
  • Reliable performance — Mark VI uses the same robust high-speed disconnect as Mark V Circuit-Switcher and the heavy-duty Mark VI CS-1A Switch Operator.

Optional features include:

  • Pre-insertion Inductors. With the addition of pre-insertion inductors, Mark VI Circuit Switcher is ideal for capacitor-bank applications, combining switching, protection, and transient overvoltage control in one device. Pre-insertion inductors limit inrush current and overvoltage at the capacitor-bank bus, limit phase-to-phase switching-surge overvoltages at remote transformers, and control overvoltages on long, open-ended lines and on the user’s utilization-voltage bus.
  • S&C Mounting Pedestals. Dramatically reduce installation time with S&C’s easy-to-install mounting pedestals.


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