Mark V Circuit Switcher: S&C

Effective overvoltage control for capacitor-bank switching and transmission line full-load-current switching applications.

The S&C Mark V Circuit-Switcher is the perfect solution for growing your grid without spending time and money on a new substation.

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Mark V Circuit-Switcher is available in a variety of mounting styles with optional pre-insertion inductors for use in single-bank and multiple-bank (back-to-back) capacitor switching. When fitted with these pre-insertion inductors, the device can minimize capacitor-bank switching transients, markedly improving power quality and reliability.

Mark V Circuit-Switchers are available with continuous current ratings of 1200, 1600, and 2000 amperes.

The Mark V Circuit-Switcher uses an in-series circuit-breaking interrupter and a circuit-making and isolating disconnect, making it especially suited for the switching and protection of transformers, lines, cables, capacitor banks, and line-connected or tertiary-connected shunt reactors. It is available in three styles—Vertical-Break, Center-Break, and Integer.

Performance-proven through over 40 years of reliable service

  • Unsurpassed capacitor switching — pre-insertion inductors dramatically reduce inrush currents, tame damaging overvoltages that can shut down sensitive adjustable-speed drives
  • Unlimited installation flexibility — can be custom-tailored to fit any structure, phase spacing or bus height
  • Maintenance-free interrupters — hermetically sealed to eliminate the hassle and expense of field filling with SF6 . . . ensure long, trouble-free life
  • Superb mechanical and electrical operating life . . . proven in the lab and in the field, backed by a full 5-year warranty


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