Type XS Fuse Cutout: S&C

Superior mechanical performance features:

  • Simple fuse-link installation
  • Easy fuse-tube insertion and removal
  • Superb alignment when closing
  • No fuse-link breakage
  • Completely reliable dropout action
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The Type XS fuse cutout provide full-fault-spectrum protection of overhead distribution systems.

For outdoor distribution, 4.16 KV through 25 KV when fused with S&C Positrol® fuse links, S&C Type XS Fuse Cutout provide full-fault-spectrum protection to overhead distribution systems.

The cutout becomes a switching device for no-external-arc live switching of transformers, capacitors, lines, or cable when used with the load buster tool. There’s no need for complex dead-switching procedures. You can minimize the length of planned outages and the number of customers involved.

The XS fuse cutout’s load buster attachment hooks keep the portable tool positively anchored throughout its entire opening stroke; yet allow for easy removal of the load buster tool. Attaching the load buster tool to the XS fuse cutout cannot cause the fuse tube to drop prematurely.


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