Positrol® Fuse Link: S&C

Positrol® fuse links are designed to provide reliable protection, and they operate only when a fault occurs within the cutout’s zone of protection. With Positrol® fuse links, you eliminate unnecessary cutout operations and thereby reduce your maintenance and operation costs.


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Positrol® Fuse Link includes a precise time-current characteristics (TCC), non-damageable fusible elements, and superior fault-interrupting ability that give you the ultimate in fuse link performance.

They eliminate uncoordinated blowings caused by TCC shifts and the need to call on upstream protective devices to do the fuse link’s work; thereby, saving operating dollars and improving service reliability-two factors which is crucial in today’s competitive environment. The exceptional features of Positrol® Fuse Link make the following benefits possible:

  • Non-damageable and permanently accurate
  • Tight tolerances
  • Superior fault-interrupting performance
  • Broad selection of speeds
  • Easy to apply

Features include the following:

  • Superior Fault-Interruption Performance
  • Unsurpassed Secondary-Fault Performance
  • Time Current Characteristics Don’t Change Over Time
  • Helically Coiled Silver* Fuse Elements
  • Close Melting-Current Tolerance


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