Puller Tensioner: Timberland

Model PT40-1H/1DD

The PT40-1H/1DD is suitable for pulling or tensioning single conductor with infinitely variable tensioning control of the conductor. The exclusive open-sided canted bullwheel design prevents potentially damaging birdcaging or torquing of the conductor/OPGW. This design also allows for a more compact machine. The large bullwheel design are fitted with replaceable synthetic lining segments. The PT40-1H/1DD provides powered hydraulics for easy reeving of conductor. This unit is mounted on a single axle trailer with manual parking brake.

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Puller Tensioner Safety Features

  • Spring applied / hydraulic pressure released brakes on bullwheel drives apply automatically in the event of hydraulic circuit pressure loss or engine shutdown
  • Overpull protection to set maximum linepull
  • Manual parking brake

Puller/Tensioner BullWheel Specifications

  • Bullwheel diameter: 1200 mm (48”)
  • Exclusive canted axis bullwheel design
  • Open side design for ease of conductor loading
  • Wear resistant nylon bullwheel segments
  • 5 grooves per bullwheel set
  • Maximum conductor diameter: 43 mm (1.7”)

Engine Specification

  • Air-cooled diesel engine: 63 kW (85 hp)


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