DP75E Electric Drum Puller

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General Features

  • E-Z Rider operator seat
  • Elevated operator’s position for full view of pulling operation
  • Overhead levelwind with speed/length indicator
  • Operator’s protective screen
  • Drive freewheeling disconnect for payout of pulling rope
  • 110 or 220 volt charging system
  • Quick change reel shaft removal
  • Unit sandblasted, primed and painted with two coats of acrylic enamel

Operator Controls

  • Direction control lever with infinite speed adjustment
  • Adjustable line-pull control with limit if present tension is reached
  • Holding brake apply/release control
  • Levelwind directional control
  • Permanently engraved operator’s control panel
  • Direct readout of line-pull
  • Direct readout of pulling distance
  • HMI – color operator screen with graphical indicators



Continuous Line Pull Rating 7,500 lbs with 11,500 ft of 5/8”rope on pulling reel 33.36kN with 3,505 m of 16 mm rope on pulling reel
Speed 0-3 mph with Infinite Speed Control 0-5 km/hr with Infinite Speed Control



Maximum Reel Diameter 72 in 1,830 mm
Maximum Reel Width 56 in 1,425 mm
Maximum Reel Weight 16,000 lbs 7,260 kg
Shaft Diameter 3 ½ in 90 mm



Length 19 ft 6 in 5,975 mm
Width 7 ft 5 in 2,260 mm
Height 7 ft 5 in 2,260 mm
Weight 8,600 lbs Basic Unit 3,895 kg Basic Unit



Battery Lithium Battery Pack (605 Volt)
Electric Motor 107 hp 80kW
110 Volt Charge Time 17 Hours from 20% charge to full
220 Volt Charge Time 8.5 Hours from 20% charge to full



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