Series 2000 Circuit-Switcher: S&C

Protect. Control. Isolate.

An all-in-one solution in a footprint-saving package, the maintenance-free interrupters for straightforward installations are customized to your needs for 69-kV through 230-kV transmission applications.

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Simplified design and complete factory assembly and testing mean the Series 2000 Circuit-Switcher can be relied upon to function properly day in and day out. And S&C’s comprehensive, easy-to-follow inspection recommendations, keyed to typical transformer inspection schedules, ensure the Circuit-Switcher continues to perform properly. The Series 2000 Circuit-Switcher’s reliability is backed by S&C’s 5-year warranty!


Series 2000 Circuit-Switcher Features

  • A wide variety of mounting configurations. There’s a model to suit every substation layout and profile.
  • Pre-engineered modular construction plus complete factory-assembly and testing. Dramatically reduces installation time. No costly, time-consuming field adjustments are needed.
  • Superior reliability and economy. Series 2000 Circuit-Switcher’s simple, straightforward design means fewer parts — and lower initial and operating costs.
  • Hermetically sealed, no-maintenance SF6-gas-filled interrupters. Single-gap puffer-type interrupters maintain dielectric ratings when open.
  • Optional remote-gas-density monitor. Includes dual-level low-gas-density alarms and system status contact.


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