Compression Tool (Revolver Type), Burndy

For Use On: Copper, Aluminum, ACSR, Copperweld, Alumoweld, Steel, 6201 5005, Compressed and compact conductors; Copper Taps: #10 sol. – 2/0 str.; Aluminum, ACSR Taps: #14 sol. – 4/0 ACSR; Stirrups: #6 ACSR – 4/0 ACSR; Overhead Full Tension Deadend.


Features: Installs CABLELOK CRIMPIT And HYCRIMP Tap Connectors With One Additional Die Insert (W-O)
Covered Handles: Yes
Permanent Dies: Yes
Handle Length: 25-3/8 IN
Weight: 6 LB; Dies Used: W O
Accepts Dies: Yes; Cutting 


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