Fiberglass Crossarms: PUPI

• 60+ year service life in all climates
• Up to half the weight and easy to install
• Three levels of UV protection
• Impervious to insects & woodpeckers
• Environmentally safe materials
• Excellent dielectric properties
• Free from splinters
• Up to 6 time stronger

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Fiberglass crossarms are suited to transmission structures. They are lighter than wood, so they are easier to handle and install. They are constructed of engineered materials, so their strength is consistent and stays that way over time. Fiberglass resists insects and woodpeckers, and will never rot. Fiberglass is known as an excellent insulator, and it will never rust or need recoating.


Pick one up and you’ll see and feel the difference. PUPI Fiberglass crossarms weigh significantly less than wood beams but have up to six times the strength. The closed-cell polyurethane sealant is lightweight, field drillable and prevents moisture contamination. With impact-resistant end caps and exclusive TorqueGUARD™ bushings, PUPI tangents are available for center mount, braced or alley arm applications.



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