HDPE Pin Type Insulator: PLP

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HDPE Pin Type Insulator are for use in overhead distributions lines using bare or covered conductors. They are particularly suited for use with, spacer cable and tree wire as a better electrical alternative to porcelain insulators.



PLP’s HDPE Pin Type Insulator closely match the dielectric properties of the covered conductor jacket. The polyethylene surface, coupled with the multiple skirt design with descending skirt diameters and long leakage distances, provides superior moisture and contamination shedding properties. UV-stabilized for long-term services, high impact resistance -designed to reduce breakage and vandal/gunshot damage. The light weight design reduces shipping costs and lineman handling requirements ANSI compliant tie top head design facilitates the use of factory-formed ties for exceptional fit and performance. Polyethylene material eliminates abrasion at the insulator conductor interface.



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