Porcelain Suspension Insulator: Dalian

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Porcelain Suspension Insulator


Porcelain disc insulator, with the most operating experiences, is widely used in high voltage transmission and distribution lines to hang or tension the conductor for its good performance of insulation property, mechanical property and chemical stability. It is only subjected to tension strength, but not bending moment and torque.

  • Suspension Insulator: #XP4-5CM, 6 Clevis Type 10,000 lbs. 52-1
  • Suspension Insulator: #XP-7CM, 10” Clevis Type 15,000 lbs. 52-4
  • Suspension Insulator: #XP-7CM, 10” Ball & Socket Type, 15,000 lbs.52-3, Brown
  • Suspension Insulator: Ball & Socket Type, 25,000 lbs., 52-5, Gray


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