Post Hole Digger: Oshkosh

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We offer Split Handle and Solid Handle Post Hole Digger. The blades are made of  special alloy steel. The blades are attached by welding instead of riveting making a durable joint with no rivets to shear off. The fulcrum members are made of heavily constructed, channel-shaped steel – no castings. The diameter of the circle circumscribed by the digger blades is approximately 6 inches. Two bolts hold each handle to the digger head making them easy to replace  when necessary.

Post Hole Digger designs have a scoop shape to allow cleaning of mud, water and backfill from holes and sewers. Handles have footage marks to indicate depth of the hole.


As always, be careful when using shovels and spoons. Handles are made of wood and wood can break. Shovels are not to be used as pry bars or have leverage applied to them.



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