Rubber Glove (Class 4): Salisbury

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Rubber Glove (Class 4)


Salisbury Lineman’s Mittens are made from the same durable, lightweight rubber as the five finger gloves yet keep the user warmer during harsh temperatures. The three-finger mitten allows for precise hand movement as well.

  • Class 1 through 4 rubber glove are available in the industry standard black or in contrasting two-color combinations. The contrast between the thin outer color against the inner color makes inspecting for cuts and tears easier when the glove is inflated or stretched.
  • Class 1 through Class 2 mittens are available in 14, 16- and 18-inch lengths. Class 3 through Class 4 mittens are available in 16- and 18-inch lengths. A bell cuff design is standard on all mittens. BC=Bell Cuff. Mittens are available in sizes 9, through 11 full sizes only. B=black YB=Yellow inside, Black out RB=Red inside, Black out.



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