Lineman’s Pole Strap: Buckingham

This Buckingham 6ply neoprene impregnated nylon adjustable pole strap is the most widely used among utility line personnel. Excellent abrasion resistance, contrasting center color to alert the user to replace the strap when worn. The stiff material is easy to position and slides easily on the pole. Quality design with a slide buckle and locking snap hooks, slide buckle is easy to adjust with one hand, and no buckle pin to get in the hole. Unlimited adjustment positions, buckle holds under tension, and releasing pressure allows the user to slide the buckle with one hand.

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Lineman’s Pole Strap has an easy-to-use snap hook designed to operate like a non-locker. The hinge point location makes the user operate the 99e locking snap hook as they did their non-locking snap hook. The lock mechanisms are internal therefore less likely to malfunction or be tampered with. This snap offers the widest opening to ease attachment and detachment with the gloved hand.


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