Skinning Knife 7090: Buckingham

Bucks skinning knives come in a wide range of options. Options Include:

  • Handles with a wood, molded plastic, or Ergonomic cushioned rubber handle.
  • With or without an accessory ring.
  • Sharp or blunt point blades.
  • Notched or un-notched blades.
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Skinning knife 7090 is well known for its strong, durable and long-lasting blades. The blade stays sharp, and when sharpening is needed the honing stone can put a sharp edge on the blades edge with ease.

Finger grooves on handle make it easy to hold even when wet. Ergonomically designed handle. High quality steel blade. Ring has a dual pin system to ensure it does not spin when connecting to the body belt snap. Overall length: 9 1/2”. Blade length: 2 3/4”.


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